Lawn & Turf Programs

Lawn & Turf Programs

We provide customized lawn and turf programs, including fertilization treatment, weed control, pre-emergents, insect control and fungus treatment. The program has been specifically formulated for the Texas Hill Country and we have had great results. Our customer’s are pleased with their lush, beautiful lawns, free of stickers and weeds.

We can also treat your trees so take a minutes to LEARN MORE.

Fertilization Treatments
Starkey Pest Control knows how to fertilize your lawn and turf the way it deserves to be nourished. Using well-balanced nutrients, we use a variety of the most effective fertilizers.

Weed Control
Just like most areas of the United States, our neighborhoods have a variety of annual and perennial weeds. Unfortunately, weeds are a nuisance to your lawn and to your time. When weeds germinate, they take over your lawn leaving it looking unruly and less than perfect. Taking control before the weeds do is the only way to prevent them from taking root and creating havoc on your lawn and in your landscaping beds.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides
The most efficient way of keeping weeds under control on your property is to use pre-emergent herbicides during your fertilization sessions. The best time to apply a pre-emergent application is during spring and fall with an optional application done during the summer. Pre-emergent treatments work like a blanket barrier. They soak into the top layer of soil and create a wall, or barrier, that prevents weeds from germinating. Pre-emergent applications are safe to be used on both your landscaping beds and your lawn. As long as your barrier remains undisturbed, weeds will be unable to start growing.

After about two growing seasons of pre-emergent treatment, customers can expect their lawn to be roughly 95% weed free! Weed prevention is an ongoing maintenance task and needs to be treated as such.